Soundcloud is widely accepted as the medium for posting your music online. With its innovative integration across websites and brilliant implementation of features like groups and analytics, it is easy to see why. Features like comments and groups have allowed it to create an active community of die hard music fans, representing every sub-genre that man can think of. Yet it is these very features that could lead to the end of it being used as a promotional tool. We are increasingly seeing the dominance of spam that has more parallels with e-mail marketing scams for 6 million US dollars than vibrant music communities. Where will this end?

Over the past 6 months, the Clear the Dance Floor account has seen the prevalence of unsolicited spamming manifesting in several forms. One being random people following the account, sadly this fan base lasts about a week. Soundcloud have implemented a following cap of 2000 people, leading people to follow for about a week to get around this.

Why is this? So we go to their page and check out a couple of their tracks. Some users have had good results with this technique, astonishing since their music often sounds like a rat being trapped in a sewage system. Such black hat techniques can only bring in bad traffic so I am still bemused as to why people put so much effort into rotating the people they follow rather than making great music.

But your music is bollocks too I hear you say. Perhaps, but I have an accurate portrayal of who is listening to my tracks and from this I can make a decision to whether something is liked or disliked.

The other technique is comments, bloody comments on tracks. Sneaky. Yet they can only yield the same kind of results so I am unsure about their worth. We get lots of spam on this very blog, it gets flagged and deleted automatically. Sadly it will get to the point where all links on comments will be disabled by Soundcloud.

The final technique is this track has been shared to 3001 people.“ As this looks shit to us, imagine what a big label thinks. How can you differentiate between the other thousands of people sharing music to thousands of people?

Focus on one sound and make great music. Something that I haven‘t fully grasped yet.

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