Posts published during August, 2013

Not going out sometimes leads you to some genuine treats. House FM is legendary for house tunes new and old, you have to stay sharp to write down all the songs as the DJs shout them out.

So I got my pen and wrote down this one, Icon – Full Intention:

Did some digging around some stalking around and found out the DJ in question has a regular slot on House FM. Here is the Lee Major Major Summer Shakedown HFM mix.

Will be checking out his shows from now on.

First heard this on Bicep’s mix of unreleased tracks and it appears it is finally available to buy.

Following their format of Deep House with nods to Techno and the obligatory Garage drum shuffle, it’s surpising it’s not getting tiring.

I went to the first big party at the Bussey Building a number of years when I lived in Peckham in 2009. The rooms were gigantic causing rather odd acoustics, there were about 4 security guards and had the pleasure of watching  people pissing and drinking from the sink back to back. The music was Garage / Dubstep to appeal to whatever the art students were liking then and I decided to leave once the theme tune from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air came on. Whilst walking home I realised the potential of south London for big (legal) warehouse events like this, the infrastructure, the transportation and the people were all there, all it was lacking is  the acts.

Fast forward a couple of years and the much talked about gentrification regeneration has taken place, the property prices have gone up thanks to the new overground lines whilst the art scene across south east London has got more and more exposure. Without even noticing it the Bussey Building has started booking bigger and bigger acts, more importantly actually good acts with some sense of curation by the people running the show. Afrika Bambaataa to Horse Meat Disco to more ‘trendy’ outings such as the Bestival warm up party.

Warm are well established with a solid DJ roster and known for putting on good club nights, with this being no exception. For £3 a ticket and the strength of the lineup, it’s quite refreshing to know not everyone is selling out. Blondes did a solid live show with more equipment than I could see. With flickering arpeggiators and a relentless 808 providing all the low end action, it illustrated there isn’t too much between their live shows and their albums. My only complaint, it was over too soon.

After that it was Hoppner who proved himself as a (very) technically solid DJ, going between genres in light of Notting Hill Carnival, particularly impressive as he is German but still managed to crank out every good Garage classic around. At one point I thought the Deviation after party had overspilled into Peckham.  He then moved on to his House / Techno / Berghain thing which was as good as it was relentless. Next thing I know it’s 5:30.

Upstairs through out the night had the Warm residents, showing great DJ etiquette by keeping the vibe consistent and playing music to match the mood of a crowd slightly distracted by downstairs.

All in all, great night. Looking forward to what both the Bussey Building and Warm have got coming up soon.


Detroit Techno from UR crew from 2006, loving the chords on this.

I have been sitting on this one for quite a long time – too long. Nice alternative take on house music just in time for carnival. Looking forward to having time to do a live dub version of this one.