First heard of these guys from a Bicep remix. Lovely mix full of deep techno, mutating between upbeat and down. This mix is a nice showcase of how it can be done on a dance floor

Download Blondes mix mp3.

Seth Price – They Did It
Terrence Dixon – Fountain of Life
Efdemin – Acid Bells
Blondes – Bora Bora
Mary Velo – Repressed
Lucy – Triad
Laurel Halo – Sex Mission
Blondes – Swisher
Stellar Om Source – Fascination
Max McFerren – Chinatown Club Jam
Shawn O’Sullivan – Free Flight
Doron Sadja – Residuals II
Mike Parker – Fwd (Donato Dozzy Remix)

Resident Advisor blurb:
Sam Haar and Zach Steinman have always loved the long haul, whether it’s their nine-minute tracks or the sprawling trips they take through techno and house, such as on their new LP, Swisher. The record feels like the culmination of a sweeping dance sound they began to explore with Touched on Merok back in 2010, which was then carefully refined through a series of singles and later collected as a self-titled album for RVNG Intl. Their songs are dense stretches of sound that build and build (and build) towards stirring climaxes. It’s an approach that could be exhausting were they not so clever with their hardware, which they use to record their tracks almost completely live.

The group is best known for conjuring slabs of sound live, but they’re solid DJs as well. On RA.375 Blondes opt for grand scale dance music, from the tolling of Efdemin’s “Acid Bells” to the continually shifting “Sex Mission” by Laurel Halo. Coming from a duo that straddles the line between dance music and rock, it’s an arresting look into the music that inspires their compositions.

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