Posts published during May, 2012

It’s nice to hear that Kerri Chandler’s sets have not deteriorated. Having seen him recently it’s safe to say he can keep a dance floor going in the same way today as he did back in 1994 when this mix was recorded. Looking forward to seeing him again when he returns to London.

Find out more about Kerri Chandler.

Glad we aren’t the only ones 🙂
Orlando Bloom & Carl Craig Clear the Dance Floor

With the sad news of Donna Summer’s passing, her impact on house music is unmeasurable. Clinton Houlker has released his tribute to Donna Summer as a free download.

So take a seat as we cross over the river for some quality East London House Music on the slowmo vibe.

Expect a mix from us soon with more songs like Clint’s tribute and this… Matthew Kyle – Make Me Crazy

Wonderful mix of deep bassy house music. Start to what I hope will be a great summer.

Sadly no tracklisting is available but check the soundcloud comments for some tune id’s.

Here is one of my favourite tracks from Amine Edge, Keep Me On My Feet.

Superb at 4 in the morning.

Founding Beastie Boys member Adam Yaunch aka MCA has died. He was being treated for a cancerous parotid gland and lymph node in 2009 but no official word on the cause of his death.

Pioneering hip hop, punk and everything else legend, also my favourite Beastie Boys. Here are some select favourite moments:

I made a remix of this song a while back, had no plans to release it as it was meant to be just a DJ tool, however as MCA drives the entire song it seems fitting.

Thoughts are with the family and friends of MCA.