Posts published during April, 2013

After hearing Osunlade first play this, for years I wanted to know what it was called. And today, I’m proud to say I finally know.

Lots of different mixes on they all focus on the same element of the original track, if you can’t work that out what that is then maybe you should turn your headphones up or turn your computer off.

Famously known for Voodoo Ray and being one of the pioneers for Jungle, Gerald deserves a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to electronic music. This mix is a nice taste for what to expect of him tomorrow night at the Lightbox in Vauxhall.

If you like it with visuals, check out this Boiler Room mix:

Milton Jackson’s deep sound has been circling the underground for quite some time now, with support from Joey Negro to the likes of Giles Peterson. His album Crash in 2009 was one of the best full length house releases of the year. You can catch Milton playing at Soltek this Friday at the Lightbox in Vauxhall (London).

1) Arash – Mind Peak (Jordan Peak Remix) [Silver Network]
2) MCDE – Send A Prayer (Part 2) [MCDE US]
3) Nail – Clear My Mind [Fear Of Flying]
4) Youandewan – 0500 V2 [Hypercolour]
5) Lil Mark – Pulling Strings [Electric Avenue]
6) Lawrence – Tangled Track [Smallville]
7) Kareem – How Low Can You Go [Platte International]
8) Samuel Deep – Rwzdeep [Slapfunk Records]
9) Kastil – Lay Down [Saft]
10) Andre Kronert – Hope [3rd Wave]
11) Larry De Kat – Def Joint [Slapfunk]
12) Jordan Peak – So Right [Robsoul]
13) Milton Jackson – Don’t Worry About The Drums [Dark Energy]
14) Crue – 3A [Crue]

German techno pioneer Robert Babicz first broke through with his acid tracks, progressing into his own take on breakbeat and then into what he refers to Babiczstyle… in a nutshell it don’t need no name. His songs sometimes take a traditional song approach, but this one is a roller intended for the dance floor.

… almost to the point of pulling a Croydon garage face.

For the deep house crowd, this is my Babicz weapon of choice, Nektar from the Nektar EP, one sure way to catch any crowd off guard.

The latest edition of the Dub Techno Blog Podcast blends through deep house numbers with nods to techno and then into all the crackles, raindrops and disjointed chords associated with ambient techno.

Addex – Road To Stars (Love Zone Records)
Ohrwert – Thrust (Dub)
Sakro – Deep Choice
Nebyla – Romantic (Free EP – Deep X Records)
Benales – Kundalini (given away for free by Etoka Records)
Andre Michelle – Nite Dub
Tonbe – Gray Sunday (We Make Names 015)
Sixth Avenue Express – Props
Sakro – House Haters
SpecDub – Sleepygirl (Taken from RHYTHM & SOUND EP)
Tom Ellis – I Know About It
Dublicator – Deep Sea Exploration (Avant Roots new EP)
Ocralab – Deimos (Taken from Kosmonaut LP on Entropy Records)
Advanced Dreams – Water (Rework)
OhmikRon – Come To Me (Dub)
SpecDub – Samoa Prayer (Taken from RHYTHM & SOUND EP)
Gabriel Suarez – Dear Friend
Ohrwert – Sonometric (Subsonic Groove Reduct) (Taken from Tracing Rays LP)
Ex Citer – Candle 9Forthcomign Drift Deeper Recordings)
SuhniSea – Noctilucent Clouds (Kasm remix feat. SuhniSea) (Forthcoming Silent Season)
Havantepe – Steady State (Vinyl 200Black Records Out Now)