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All original productions by Babicz himself, nicely mixed together.

Giorgio by Moroder on Daft Punk’s new album is an interesting insight into how crafted today’s music yesterday. Made me dig out my own track influenced by his work on Midnight Express and Scarface, with a strong emphasis on the question and the answer:

Daft Punk track:

DAFT PUNK – Giorgio By Moroder – HQ from Sorin Pricop on Vimeo.

There is a lot going on this bank holiday weekend in London. A wide range of music on offer here, from Surgeon to Depeche Mode. Our hot tips are in bold.

24th May


Sizzle at Brixton Jamm -Tom Demac, Locked Groove…


Tief presents Underground Quality Label Night with Nina Kraviz, Jus Ed, Aybee, Estaban Adame at Corsica Studios

25th May


Warm with Special Secret Guests at Bussey Building

Deekline presents: Hot Cakes (Jungle Cakes Special)


Feel My Bicep x Oval Space Music // Metro Area x Bicep x Optimo at Oval Space

We Are Fstvl Afterparty: Kerri Chandler, Secret Guest, Sascha Dive, No Artificial Colours at Egg London

Bloc. Surgeon + Scion & Tikiman + Billy Nasty at Autumn Street Studio

26th May (yep Bank Holiday)


Slide On The Terrace – Derrick Carter Does Disco at Brixton Clubhouse

Tief presents Mano Le Tough ‘Changing Days’ Album Release Party at Corsica Studios

28th May – special mention for Tuesday:

Depeche Mode World Tour 2013 at O2 Arena

New tune out on Man Make Music.

It sort of reminds me of a much better produced vesion of one of my own tunes from a couple of years back:

Within the last 2 or so years there has been an inevitable shift with the crowds going to deep house nights. For the previous 8 years or so the bulk of nights with anyone good playing had always been mid 20s upwards, with your mainroom drum n bass catering for younger crowds. Recent outings at nights like Creche and this at the Lightbox are evidence that this has changed. This is due to deep house being in fashion. Soltek took a couple of risks with this night with the acts chosen, rather than playing it safe and fishing in a pond for this new audience.

The night had a smaller room with a consistent high standard of up & coming djs rolling through the night keeping the crowd happy. Highlights included Seldom Cinq bringing the main room deep house sound that is increasingly popular.

 In the main room Milton Jackson played what you would expect Milton Jackson to play, sampled based / influenced house music with nods to Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston Smith. One of the more enjoyable parts to both Milton’s and then A Guy Called Gerald’s sets were that it was mostly new music for the crowd, bringing a sense of excitement and anticipation rather than I know this song so lets sing along.

Gerald known for some of the most famous grooves in history kept on with a solid assault on the senses with the deepest house and techno, all laced with a sound that could only belong to one man.

All in all a great night. There is a lot to be said going straight from work and going to a night out and staying there till 5, sober. A bold line up was put on for audiences young and old, giving the crowd a taste of what is going on across house music at the moment.